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I'm a traveler, sharing my stories in song.

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Posted by Qiz - December 21st, 2013

Within the vast array of opportunities to expand oneself, few are as effective as a breadth of traveling. Throwing yourself into a foreign culture forces you to confront ideas and beliefs that you've taken for granted the entirety of your life. It's monumentally exciting, wonderfully thought-provoking, and absolutely riveting. 

For me, traveling brings such an exhilarating rush that little else in life can come close to. My breath is constantly taken away by the beauty of this world and the people who inhabit it. Don't get me wrong...There are some truly abhorrent things to witness out in the world; however, there is also a wealth of majestic, life-affirming sights to take in. Whether what I find is good or bad, I always find my mind and heart broadened after traveling. I learn more about myself than I ever could expect. All this creates a deep well of inspiration for me to draw on, and I try to pour that into my music. 

Yet, as spectacular as travel is, there is nothing quite like the feeling of coming home; of finding that, even in this crazy, ever-changing world, there are people whose love and support serve as an unceasing pillar of strength. The more I venture off into the world, the more I realize how much I value these people. How much they've shaped me into the man that I am. 

But words can't quite articulate these emotions as I'd like...let me show you with my piano ~


Posted by Qiz - December 3rd, 2013

Hello fine folk of Newgrounds,

My name is Qiz, and I love to tell stories. Sometimes my tales are woeful, and othertimes, grandiose. What they always are, however, is genuinely me

Life is an absurd adventure and I revel in every moment of it. I travel with each opportunity that comes my way, constantly colliding with fascinating people, places, and ideas. Using music as my voice, I want to tell you the stories that make my life so beautifully, chaotically colorful.

Maybe, if you let them, they'll bring a little color into your life as well...

I'm happy to be here with all of you.