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Entry #1

Life is a story waiting to be told

2013-12-03 22:33:45 by Qiz

Hello fine folk of Newgrounds,

My name is Qiz, and I love to tell stories. Sometimes my tales are woeful, and othertimes, grandiose. What they always are, however, is genuinely me

Life is an absurd adventure and I revel in every moment of it. I travel with each opportunity that comes my way, constantly colliding with fascinating people, places, and ideas. Using music as my voice, I want to tell you the stories that make my life so beautifully, chaotically colorful.

Maybe, if you let them, they'll bring a little color into your life as well...

I'm happy to be here with all of you. 



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2013-12-03 23:33:33

Welcome to NG! After listening to your first song upload, I can tell you are a fine addition to NG's audio side. I look forward to hearing more of your music.

Qiz responds:

Thanks for the support. You are the first one to welcome me here, and it is much appreciated.


2013-12-03 23:42:38

Great positive outlook.

Qiz responds:

Thank you. I listened to Psalm 23 and found it to be a lovely piece. It has a very wide, atmospheric opening, and some of the harmonic progressions in the middle section are particularly interesting. I like how in your playing, you sometimes put rubato in the right hand, playing melodic tones just after the left-hand part for dramatic effect. It only happened a few times, but subtleties such as that add a great deal of color to a piece.

I added you to my favorites and am looking forward to more classical music from you.